Rise Of The Uchiha Reborn
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GM Application Fourm

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GM Application Fourm Empty GM Application Fourm

Post  Zanko Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:17 am

I would like to be a GM. Why? Because i'm a mother fucking boss lol just kidding. I would like to help people when they need help and I will be active a lot. That's all please accept this Very Happy Smile Surprised Shocked


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GM Application Fourm Empty Im just doing this for the hell of it! ^_^

Post  Immortal-Ken Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:19 pm

Name:ImmortalKen aka Kenpachi
Position Applying for: HGM or GM

I would like to be a GM on this new game because i am constantly on Byond period and i can always help people if needed,..
with all the question they will have i know how it is when people get on your nerves...
Im not a bad guy and do not have a bad temper I just love to have fun, help people fix their problems and
laugh at the humor of other people xD
Like i said again i just love to have fun and help, so keep it in mind ^_^
NOTE: I have experience for being a GM, ect... in other games to but its been awhile.
#ImmortalKen Twisted Evil


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