Rise Of The Uchiha Reborn
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Gm Application.. Thingie...

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Gm Application.. Thingie... Empty Gm Application.. Thingie...

Post  Kitsune Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:16 pm

Ahem, Okay.. Let's start >_>

Key: Jenru
Name: Kitsune/Rose Penthesilea
I forgot the rest...

Why Am I Applying?: Well. First of all, I am very good at working with people. At first, if the situation is starting, I'll try to ease it down. If I can that is. Yet, if the problem arises to a further level, then I will take action depending on what type of situation it is. I can get... "Mean" if I need too... But that's for people who just refuse to listen. I have experience in leadership and how the rules of an nng based goes. I was co owner in NNRB. I game ran by Jahh2, or known as Amad. I was GM in Naruto: Last Rebirth. I am also an Owner at Naruto: The Melting Moon, but that came went out, due to the host. I was Co- Owner in Naruto Last Stand.. 1 or 2.. I can't remember. But as you can see, I can deal with situations fairly. I am also very active. Lately, My internet dropped due to problems, which I will not reveal >_>... But, Now it is back up. I am regularly logged into Byond 24/7... If I am needed but not in the game... Just page me, and I'll be there as soon as possible. But otherwise, i'll be there most of the time. I love having fun, and meeting people! P.S Another Important Factor I forgot, Abuse. This is a big no-no for me. If I find anyone abusing, it will be screenshot, and sent the owner, somehow. (Hopefully by pager if the owner adds me). I am solely against abuse, and have zero tolerance for it. But either way, whether this application is accepted or not, I can't wait to play this game once it's up!!



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